What our customers love about us!

At Shriner’s Creek Kettle Popcorn, we’re proud of the popcorn we serve. But, instead of telling you why our customers love us, we’ll let them do the talking! Here’s what some of our customers are saying about us lately:


Awesome popcorn! Many flavors to choose from and friendly service!

- Karen Oddie


Absolutely delicious popcorn and well worth the side trip when you’re in the Niagara area.

- Diane Bubanko


You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! If you haven’t tried their popcorn, you are missing out!

- Miranda Christoff


Absolutely the best popcorn! If you haven’t tried it, then you need to go in and give it a try. You will love it!

- Steve Fulop


Amazing popcorn!! Fantastic owners! Popcorn is always fresh!! Delicious flavors, I’ve tried almost every flavor! Great customer service!! Thanks Pauline!!!

- Amanda Riley


Best popcorn I’ve ever had. Get the Memphis fire or cheddar jalapeno. My mom lives in Niagara, but I honestly would drive from Toronto just to go there. I always leave happy, and the price is absolutely worth it in comparison to other popcorn places. I rave about this popcorn to all my friends !!

- Rochelle Brandt

If you’re looking for the best gourmet popcorn company in Fonthill, Ontario, let the experts at Shriner’s Creek Kettle Popcorn give you what you need to help you. Our many satisfied customers have already experienced this for themselves. To learn more, please visit our website at www.shrinerscreek.com or contact us here.